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Fin and Fino celebrates the explorer’s mindset and the sailor’s heart with a menu that draws inspiration from seafaring cultures on both sides of the Atlantic.



We don’t like to complicate things, but we do tend to the details. Like your name, which we’ll learn. Plus, our fish and shellfish are delivered daily, and are all sustainably caught or raised. Our menu makes use of seasonal ingredients from nearby farms because we like things fresh. Our wines have charm and intrigue, and are individually selected by our staff for their quality. And our cocktail menu is unlike any other in town with a unique theme and more personality than a boat full of sailors. 

Uptown, Charlotte


Turn the menu over to your server and our kitchen. In their hands they will take you on a tour of offerings both on and off the menu! The best part?  For every Treatment ordered, $5 is donated to a local nonprofit. 

hanger steak

 We like to highlight the little guys here at Fin & Fino. All of our wines are from producers that produce a maximum of 10,000 cases of wine a year! We hope that our list helps showcase some of the lesser seen, amazing winemakers and producers from around the world!  

rose wine and white wine at Fin & Fino

Our talented bar team (aka BK & The Clams) lead by Brittany "BK" Kellum is known for keeping things creative and exciting, always thinking outside of the box to craft something memorable for each guest. Using only fresh and made in-house ingredients, our drinks are balanced, strong, and will leave you sailing away with a smile.


Pro Tip: Can't decide what you want? Let our bar team decide your cocktail fate when you order a "Call of the Clam"! 

craft cocktails

Our menu of small plates changes with the tides, constantly bringing fresh new favorites to the forefront and offering guests a new adventure every visit. No matter when you sail our way, you can always anticipate a variety of fresh fish, scratch-made pasta, raw bar favorites, and of course, our signature Furikake Fries.  

Salmon crudo

Our easygoing seafood house is the perfect place to shake off a busy day or shake up a slow one.

The Way We Do It

Our bar team is made up of talented, creative and charismatic individuals who pour their passion for mixology and hospitality into every drink served. 



Fin & Fino's bar team
seafaring adventures
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